Abokobi Area Rural Bank:




Brief History

Prior to the advent of rural banking in Ghana, some commercial banks were unwilling to operate in rural communities. The few who ventured demanded collaterals which the customers could hardly provide. Having considered critically the inadequacy of services rendered by commercial banks to rural Ghana, the Bank of Ghana decided to encourage the establishment of banks in, and owned by rural communities. These banks were expected to have a better understanding of the conditions in which their customers who are mostly farmers, fishermen and artisanal craftmen since they lived and worked in the same communities with them. Such bank were also expected to provide accessible credit and to support rural and community development. Importantly, it was also the wish of the Central Bank to deepen the habit of savings and to encourage them from keeping their wealth under their beds. The first of such rural banks was started at Agona Nyakrom in the Central Region in 1976. The success story of this pioneer encouraged many other rural communities allover the country to to setup their own banks under the auspices of the Central bank.

Established in 1985, the Abokobi Area Rural Bank is strategically sited at Abokobi to bring banking services to the door-steps of the people in the communities near Abokobi. The main aim of the bank is contribute to efforts at raising the standard of living.

This aim, the bank continues to focus on by always facilitating the creation of opportunities for the growth of small business enterprises. The bank is headquartered in Abokobi, a town which lies about 30Km North-West of the capital city, off the Accra-Aburi road.

The bank is run by a team of well experienced and highly motivated staff who continue to drive the design and roll-out of innovative services and products to fully satisfy the banking needs of the good people of Abokobi and its environs.







Our mission is to be the top rural bank in the Greater Accra Region through a well motivated workforce, innovative products and superior customer service in rural banking.







Our vision is to be the most efficient Rural Bank in Ghana.






Core Values

- Honesty, Commitment and Dedication to Duty.

- Respect and Regard for both Customers and Fellow Staff.

- Customer Satisfaction and Community Development are our Priorities.

- Positive Contribution to the Entire Rural Banking Industry.








Abokobi Area Rural Bank Limited
P.O Box LG 20, Legon-Accra
Tel: 028 911 3050 / 028 911 3051 / 028 911 3052
Email: info@abokobiarearuralbank.com

Service Hours: Mon. - Thur. from 8:30am to 3:00pm

              Fri.  8:30am to 4:00pm


Madina: 0302 503 886 / 028 952 5893

Dome: 0302 947 039 / 028 952 5819

Adenta: 0302 939 924/ 028 955 4919

Ashaley Botwe: 0576 096643 / 0576 096644 / 0576 096645 /0576 096646