Money Transfer:

Abokobi Area Rural Bank is Strategically positioned to provide innovative solutions to your domestic and foreign money transfer needs. Our transfer services are not limited to our customers only, non-customers are always welcome to benefit from our excellent, swift and customer-oriented services.

Our computer systems are directly connected to the award-winning Apex Link Electronic Money Transfer Service (iTrans) thereby giving us the unique capability to speedily transfer funds to all other rural banks in Ghana in a twinkle of an eye.

Avoid the risks association with moving around with physical cash. Visit any of our our branches for a fast, convenient, instant, safe and secure money transfer services.

Target Customers:

All who want to remit money to their

  • Wards in school

  • Parents and relatives in rural communities

  • Trading partners in other parts of the country

  • spouse and dependent


To Receive Remittance/Money Transfer at any of our Branches, you need to :

  • Provide a valid photo ID (driver’s license, voter’s ID, passport, NHIS card, national ID card or students ID)

  • Provide correct transaction code/number

  • Provide name and address of sender

  • Provide address and telephone number(s)

  • Provide secret message where applicable


Why Choose Abokobi Area Rural bank? 

  • Receive money at any of our  networked branches

  • Receive funds directly into your Abokobi Area Rural Bank account(s)

  • Have access to your funds at any of our branches

  • Service is available from Monday to Friday during working hours

  • You receive and are paid your funds in a secure banking environment


Also Available are? 

  • Western Union Money Transfer

  • MoneyGram

  • Ria

  • Mobile Money Sevices (For all networks)

  • E-Zwich -Biometric non cash means of carrying money on a card also available at Abokobi Area Rural Bank